Director/Whit: Mia Cooper

MiaMia Cooper – Mia is thrilled to be a part of this production. Although this is Mia’s first full theatrical experience as a director or an actor, her related experience began at the age of 9 at a family reunion when she led her siblings and cousins in a musical revue on a makeshift living room stage. Show-stopping performances of “The Starwars Gangsta Rap” and other original songs about the family dogs led the adults in attendance to demand that a show be performed annually. The show continues to this day, with younger family members taking on the directorial role. Mia will return to New York City in September to complete her degree in Urban Studies at Barnard College. She would like to thank the cast for their great collaboration!


One thought on “Director/Whit: Mia Cooper

  1. We are proud of our granddaughter. As the oldest of our grandchildren, she has been a great “director” with them and role model too.

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