Slim: Bob Works

Robert Works 083 smallRobert Works – Robert (Bob) Works is a graduate of Southern Arkansas University where he was active in Theater. After graduation he spent 20 years working world wide as a marine geophysicist doing off shore geological surveys. Now retired, he has returned to his first love, acting. For the last 8 years he has been active in local and regional film and theater. Bob can be seen in the film ‘Bernie’ with Jack Black, Matthew McConaughey and Shirley McClaine. He has also performed in theater productions of ‘The Music Man’, ‘The Fantastics’, ‘Bus Stop’ and ‘Lil Abner’. Bob lives here in Houston where he is also a big animal lover and enjoys our local parks with his two dogs Dakota and Cowboy, both rescues.


Crooks: Gregor Haley

Gregor_Haley HeadshotGregor Haley – Greg is originally from San Antonio, but relocated to Houston after Graduating from Sam Houston State. Mr. Haley is a Writer, Actor, and Director and has performed in a number of plays all over Houston. He has worked with Main Street Theater, Express Theater, The Ensemble, and Dionysus Theater, and the Houston Grand Opera just to name a few. He can next be seen on the silver screen in the upcoming horror film THE DARQ and the recently released GANGLAND LOVE STORY as well has the upcoming hit comedy BIG DREAMS.

The Boss: Sue Beth

Sue BethSue Beth – Community theater actors create “bucket-lists” early, but they out age their dream roles quickly.  Many of mine fell off the list long ago: Stella, Maggie the Cat, St. Joan and Juliet to name a few.  How happy I am to mark off Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, actually the role of Boss wasn’t what I had in mind…Oh well there’s always Baby Jane if a stage production comes along.

Carlson: John Hounihan

JohnJohn Hounihan – John is thrilled to make his community theatre debut with a full cast of veterans who can teach him so much. A long time actor and director of high school and college club theater, he can’t wait to make the transition with such a wonderful opportunity. Favorite past roles include Elwood Dowd in Harvey and C.C. Showers in the Divines. Thanks to the cast and crew for welcoming him to this production of John Steinbeck’s classic “Of Mice and Men”  and his parents for their support of his love for the stage.

Curley: Ignatius “Iggy” Nguyen

Iggy 1Ignatius “Iggy” Nguyen – Iggy is excited to be able to join the ensemble in the role of Curley and is a recent graduate of the University of St. Thomas and is more than happy to support the theatre department in participating in this production.  He was recently seen in “All In The Timing” as Don as well as Giles Corey in “The Crucible” directed by Claire McDonald and Eric Domuret.  He would like to thank friends and family for supporting him and would like to thank the director as well as the cast and crew for this opportunity.